We are team players

A business is the sum of its employees.

For us this is not just a saying but has a concrete meaning: all thinkbetter's shareholders are also consultants - and accordingly motivated to bring the business to the forefront by excellent work. Your advantage as our customer: to further develop our motivation and inspiration, products and processes together - internally as well as in our work in your company.
At thinkbetter a fair and respectful approach and open communication, internally and externally, provide a guarantee for efficient teamwork. We count you and your employees as part of this team. In the same way that each of our consultants brings different specialisms to their work, so your knowledge must flow into our complete understanding of your business processes. This is only ensured if the person is at the central point of service delivery. In this way mutual trust is created, strengthened by the certainty that with thinkbetter the planned budget and time-frame will be met, and that the end product will meet the highest quality demands.

If you want to understand, you must be able to listen.
We proceed analytically: first we work out an understanding of the needs and requirements of a business, and then we offer solutions. Our consultancy approach is based on years of experience with successful SAP projects. We realize justified, process-orientated and forward looking solutions according to customer requirements. These are orientated around Best Practice procedures. Our customers profit from these core competencies:

  • optimum team make-up from experts with long-term experience and graduates with fresh ideas
  • innovative methods with solutions created for the future
  • fast reaction capability through flat structures and unbureaucratic communication
  • goal and budget orientated project planning and work methods
  • close collaboration with the customer on site
  • cultural self-awareness of the need as a Swiss company to comply with high Swiss quality standards